Food and Fibre Education SA (FFESA) is an education and outreach program which engages students, teachers, careers advisers and the general community in agricultural (food and fibre) science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). In fact, we’re adding an ‘A’ (AGRICULTURE) to STEM and are moving full STEAM ahead offering innovative programs which are now reaching thousands of students each year!

FFESA acts on behalf of South Australia’s agricultural sector to deliver curriculum linked initiatives which promote innovation and opportunities in grains, livestock, horticulture, meat, wool and dairy. The program builds the skills and confidence of teachers so they can teach ag in mainstream subjects, inspire careers advisers so they encourage students to enter the industry and give students hands on experiences which shows a career in ag is more than just gumboots and tractors.

Key points
  • FFESA works in schools (year 5-12) to inspire and engage students in agricultural learning.
  • The program supports teachers and schools to deliver mainstream subjects, such as biology, science and chemistry, using agriculture as the teaching context.
  • The team have a creative booth which they take to events around SA.
  • FFESA activities are curriculum linked, hands-on and relevant, motivating students to learn.
  • We run camps, competitions, teacher / career adviser professional development, student workshops and more!


We are thankful to our sponsoring partners: